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10 Reasons to Love Spain

Whether it is lying on the beach or hiking up a mountain, browsing an art gallery or attending a fútbol game, visiting a winery or experiencing a bull fight, Spain truly has it all. The list goes on and on, but here are my top 10 take aways from my travels throughout Spain:

1. Variety

The possibilities in Spain are endless! With so much to see and do, this country has something to offer every type of traveler. Spain varies depending on the city you are in. Madrid provides you with the experience of the hustle and bustle of city life while Seville is laid-back with beautiful, year-round weather. On the other hand, Barcelona is a hybrid beach town and city center offering day time fun, relaxation, and a vibrant nightlife. Don’t settle traveling just to these well known cities, Spain also offers hidden gems throughout the country.

2. Scenery

Views in Ronda

Spain offers gardens, mountains, cities, farms, and beaches. Any landscape you can think of, Spain has it. The country is a photographers dream! The picturesque scenery makes you feel like you’re in a movie.

3. Adventure

Adventure in Caminito Del Rey

There is no shortage of places to explore or hike in this country! Found in southern Spain, The Caminito del Rey was once known as the world’s most dangerous hike. It has been recently redone to include handrails and safety nets, but the thrill is still exciting and the views are breathtaking.

4. Accessibility

Not only is Spain a breeze to travel to from European countries and America, but traveling within Spain itself is also quick and easy. Within Spain, transportation including trains, metros, bikes, buses, and air are all readily available and relatively cheap.

5. Culture

Flamenco Dancers in Seville

The Spanish culture is strong and prominent throughout the country. Many old traditions have stuck around such as flamenco dancing and bull fighting.

6. Relaxing Atmosphere

The beach and warm weather definitely contribute to the laid-back persona of Spain. Even in the busier cities, the Spaniards take a more relaxed approach to their daily activities. They take the time to appreciate where they are and what they are doing!

7. History

Spain is rich in history and you can catch a glimpse of it at every turn. The streets are filled with statues, monuments, and historical buildings. Touring the cities with a guide is a great way to fully experience what each city has to offer.

8. Art

Not only is Barcelona known as “The City of Gaudí,” but there is a whole museum dedicated to Salvador Dalí in Girona. In addition to that, Picasso was born in Málaga and lived in Barcelona. Both Barcelona and Málaga contain museums dedicated to the extraordinary art of Picasso. There are incredible art museums throughout Spain, like the Prado in Madrid! Along with the famous art found in Spain, street art and public art are very common throughout the cities, encouraging freedom of expression.

9. Wine and Oil

A Spanish Olive Oil Shop

When you think wine, many people think France and when you think oil, many people think Italy, but Spanish wine and oil are even better. Spaniards put oil on everything and rightfully so! The oil is richer is taste and thicker in consistency. Wine in Spain is everywhere and constantly flowing. Whether red, white, or sangria, you can’t go wrong with having a glass of wine during a meal (or before and after too)!

10. Food

Last, but certainly not least, the food! Famous for their tapas and paella, Spanish food is one of a kind. The seafood is freshly caught and the meat is like no other. The Spanish Iberian Pig eats only acorns, giving its meat a distinct nutty flavor. Spaniards place an importance on food and meal times. It is commonly accepted to be late for work in the morning because you need the time to get breakfast. It is also common to have a long “siesta” break for lunch. In Barcelona alone, there are 23 Michelin Starred restaurants! Spain is a great destination for foodies.

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