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Meet Our Team

Angela Valenti

Angela is our Managing Director, long-term vision leader, creative problem solver, and resident luxury hotel specialist. The reward of learning a new hotel product and experiencing service first-hand, while maintaining relationships with our partners, motivates her every day. She enjoys a morning routine, iced coffee, and her fur babies – Montage (yep, like the hotel!) & Jeter. Angela’s favorite places to return to are Turks & Caicos and London. Her bucket list trips include Chile and Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda. Angela has a passion for travel, our clients, our team, and our business. She handles overseeing the business and operational side of things so that our team is able to put their full focus on you!

Meg Langrehr

Meg is our hotel-only specialist. Her attention to detail, and willingness to listen, understand & go the extra mile brings personability and thoroughness to our clients’ bookings and travel process. Meg loves to immerse herself in a new culture, learn from people who are different from her, and enjoy the wonders of nature. Outside of travel, she enjoys all things health & wellness, being outdoors, and spending time with her dog, Aspen. Meg’s top bucket list destinations include Greece, Switzerland, Africa, and New Zealand.

Courtney Sanak

Courtney is our Tailored Luxury specialist and spends her days crafting custom itineraries for our clients. Her background in event planning lends to a sharp eye for detail – anticipating things clients may not have realized they need. She leverages her expertise and close relationships with our suppliers and hoteliers around the world to turn our client’s travel dreams into vivid memories. She stays busy raising two adventurous boys and doing what she loves – traveling the world to learn more and exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations. Both her sons received passports at 4 months old and collected their first stamp before age 1. Some of Courtney’s favorite travel experiences include hiking in Patagonia, Chile, snowmobiling on glaciers in Iceland, an Amazon River Cruise in Peru, spotting monkeys in the Costa Rican jungle with her son & a safari in South Africa!

Allie Weachter

As Team Coordinator, Allie supports the team in an administrative and operational capacity. She helps personalize each hotel stay by sharing our clients’ special requests, celebrations, and travel details with our hotel partners. Allie enjoys spending time with friends & family, going to coffee shops, and skiing & snowboarding. When traveling, she loves to adventure outdoors, try authentic cuisines, and discover hidden gems. Allie’s favorite places to return to are Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario and Beaver Creek, Colorado. Her bucket list destinations include Iceland, Japan, and Switzerland! Allie graduated from Florida State University in 2021 and lives in Tampa, Florida.

Alex Woche

Alex is our Marketing Coordinator at Ourisman Travel. Her love for authentic storytelling and the power of social media makes her an expert at fostering an online community. She previously lived in Sydney, New York City, and London before moving back home to Texas two years ago. When traveling, she loves to embrace and learn the new beliefs, scenery, wildlife, and uniqueness every place has to offer. Her bucket list destinations include Africa, Tahiti, and the coast of Italy. At home, Alex loves fostering puppies from local rescue groups, going on long walks with her boyfriend and dogs, and going to the best coffee shops in Austin.

David Ourisman

Establishing Ourisman Travel was David Ourisman’s birthday present to himself in 2006. David loves the travel experience of being in a different culture, learning new languages and accents, and opening up to new cuisines. While he’s still very much a part of the team behind the scenes, David entered semi-retirement in 2016 to allow himself more time to travel, cultivate relationships with our global partners, write about his passion for luxury travel, and share his insights and expertise on FlyerTalk. Outside of travel, he loves nature, photography, and hiking in the woods. David has been to Paris more than a dozen times and he “could go back a dozen more.” Morocco, Greece, and the mountains in southern China are on his bucket list!

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