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Booking Policies and Professional Fees

At Ourisman Travel, we have traveled the world and invested our time to develop expertise in luxury hotels and trip itinerary management. Most importantly, we have developed and nurtured relationships with key hotel and partner contacts that allow us to offer our clients exceptional value-added amenities and VIP experiences to your hotel stays.

We recognize and respect the importance of our job as travel advisors being able to save our clients time and money by best advising on constantly changing travel irregularities. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in this business, it’s that trip management is often a much more significant part of a trip than the planning itself.

We also realize that plans change and we’re not always in control. Our clients understand and appreciate that we employ our fees to ensure our value and time is appreciated and compensated. And in return, we are happy to waive them when they are not necessary.

Trust that the fees disclosed are based on experience and knowledge gained since 2006. Our professional fees are necessary for us to remain in business and support your travel. We appreciate our clients and we are thankful for your support and understanding.

Hotel Only – No Booking Fee!

In our industry, we are unique in that we do not charge booking fees for processing Hotel-Only requests, however, we reserve the right to charge Professional Fees in the following cases:

  • Last-Minute Booking: $75 fee, per room reservation
    • This fee applies to trip inquiries received within 7-days of travel that require extra attention because of the timing of the request. You can expedite your last-minute booking by using our Ready to Book (RTB) pro-tips and submitting a Travel Request Form.
    • This fee does not apply if you self-book your reservation hotel through our Virtuoso Booking Tool!
  • Cancelation/Change: $50 fee, per room reservation
    • This fee applies in the event you request to cancel or postpone your trip.
  • Group Booking: $50 fee, per room
    • Applies for trip inquiries requesting 4 or more rooms.

Hotel Plus – $200

Our Hotel Plus service is for trips that require additional consultation. This service costs $200 per destination for consulation or per hotel for concierge services and provides clients with customized options by narrowing down the perfect destination or property with the added benefit of concierge services. This service is the perfect fit for:

  • When you are unfamiliar with our preferred hotels in a particular destination.
  • When you want to explore and compare multiple destinations.
  • Trips requesting assistance with concierge services such as dining/spa reservations and transfer arrangements.
  • Last Minute Bookings: $75 fee
    • This fee applies to projects initiated within 21 days of travel.

Tailored Luxury – $400

Our Tailored Luxury service is designed for trips that require a fully curated itinerary. This service begins with a complimentary consultation call where we learn more about your trip vision. If we feel the request is mutually beneficial for our service, we charge a $400 initiation fee. This fee covers one destination and one itinerary proposal with 3 rounds of editing. Beyond that, additional fees apply:

  • Net-based Pricing: 20% commission fee
    • Whenever possible, we will request NET prices (non-commissionable with no mark-ups) from our partners and pass that directly on to our clients for full pricing transparency. Our fee will be charged separately at 20%.
  • Multi-Destination: $100 fee, per destination
    • This fee applies if you need to compare multiple destinations.
  • Last Minute Bookings: $200 fee
    • This fee applies to projects initiated within 90 days of travel.
  • Cancel/Change: $100 fee, per person
    • This fee applies in the event you request to cancel or postpone your trip.
  • Specialty Trips:
    • Fees will be discussed on a case-by-case basis for specialty trips including “around-the-world” itineraries or similar specialty trips.

All fees charged for services by Ourisman Travel are non-refundable. For all other partners involved in your trip (hotels, guides, cruise lines, etc.) you are responsible to adhere to their individual cancellation policies which we outline in our quotes. We highly suggest protecting your investment with travel insurance to help protect you from the unexpected. Ourisman Travel reserves the right to modify these fees at any time.

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