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Benefits of Travel: 6 Powerful Memories

My grandparents were avid world travelers, flying all over the globe in the 1950s and 1960s. The travel bug skipped the next generation (my parents) but definitely made its impact on me. Travel has been one of the passions of my life. But why? What are the benefits of travel?

Here are some of my favorite (and powerful) memories.

Amazing sights  I was 18 at the time, on my first trip to Europe, and a group of us decided on the spur of the moment to visit Zermatt, Switzerland. Arriving late at night with (no plans to get a hotel room), we slept in a field. I was awakened the next morning by the first light of dawn. I opened my eyes to the Matterhorn, perfectly illuminated by the rising sun, set in a cloudless blue sky.

Unique flavors  I truly enjoy experiencing local cuisine in its native setting. I love discovering hole-in-the-wall restaurants known only by locals — like a small family restaurant in Grenoble, France where I had veal cordon bleu for the first time, a take-out joint in Java where I enjoyed some thoroughly authentic chicken dishes, and my first taste of spaghetti carbonara while dining al fresco in Rome.

Distinctive sounds  I recall the morning when a group of us were standing in the courtyard of the Wellington Barracks in London (where the Palace Guard is stationed). Unlike the hundreds of tourists crowded on the outside of the fence, we were on the inside standing right in front of the members of the guard as they played their morning band concern for us. A dramatic dramatic auditory experience, but just as thrilling is the experience of listening to the quiet echoes of your footsteps in a Gothic cathedral … or the whoosh of a gentle breeze blowing across the still waters of a gorgeous mountain lake.

Fragrant aromas — I am thinking of a temple in Vietnam (but there are so many others) where I stood among local people who had come to burn incense, in the fervent belief that the fragrance carried their prayers heavenward. The smells were intense … as was the intensity of the worshippers.

Blossoming romances — Travel is the perfect way to deepen relationships between lovers. What is more romantic than sharing a meal from a window with a clear view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Or going back to a favorite place you’ve previously shared together… to pop the question?

Family togetherness — But perhaps the most important thing we get from travel are the things families experience together. Those shared experiences, profound discoveries, and fun times stay with us for a lifetime. Unlike most anything else we can buy, spending our money on travel experiences makes us richer for life.

If you’re searching for reasons to travel, now’s the time to partner with us! We are happy to talk about the benefits of travel with you, help you discover your personal why, and create a trip that achieves everything you want. Which of these benefits of travel resonates most with you? Send it to [email protected] or fill out a travel request form.

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