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Amankora Bhutan: Dinner in a Potato Shed

Would you eat dinner in a shed?
Well, you definitely should if you are in Bhutan!

David and Claire enjoying dinner in the Bhutanese Potato Shed ~ Amankora Bhutan

The Amankora Bhutan Journey is an all inclusive experience including meals and daily activities. The whole idea is that you don’t need to stress about every nickel and dime once you’ve arrived. Instead, you get to relax, slow down, and feel fully immersed in your surroundings. But, of course, there are a few experiences that you can add on to your journey once you are there. My favorite was the Potato Shed Dinner at Amankora Bhutan, Gangtey.

It is exactly what it sounds like: dinner… in a potato shed.

It probably doesn’t sound very exciting, or worth the added expense, but it was surprisingly plush, delicious, and entertaining! We were told to meet our guide on the front patio of the hotel and to dress warmly with comfortable shoes. From there, we took a slightly muddy jaunt down the road lit only by the bright moonlight and a small flashlight. It didn’t take long for us to hear the drumming and smell the bonfire; just over the hill and around the bend, the potato shed reveals itself. Lit only by the bonfire, it looks just like you would expect a potato shed to look… small and damp. You start to wonder if maybe the hotel staff isn’t just a bit delusional.

But, the drums play on and you’re offered delicious Yak meatballs and an inviting glass of wine while you sit by the fire. The butler announces dinner and you’re invited into the dining room … ahem, potato shed. That is moment you realize that the Amankora staff might actually be onto something. The small room is warm and cozy and lit by hundreds of candles. Theres a potbelly stove giving everything a cheerful glow, and the menu before you promises several culinary fetes to be served. It isn’t gourmet and it probably won’t win any Michelin Stars for the potato shed, but it is authentic and very tasty!

While the setting is whimsical and the food delicious, the real draw for this experience is the fact that this is actually a working potato shed and, by renting it out for your dinner, you are supporting a local farmer and his family. What a genius side business for a potato farmer! Who wouldn’t be happy to contribute? If you are planning your Amankora Bhutan Journey, the Potato Shed Dinner is a must on your itinerary – it may just be the highlight of your entire trip!

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