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Base Camp Greenland

One of the highlights of our annual travel updates from Virtuoso Travel Week is the presentations from our VAST (Virtuoso Active and Specialty Travel) partners. This year, the focus was on Peru, Cuba, and Japan but it is always the unexpected destinations that shine through the most! This year, our favorite was Greenland!

Our Virtuoso partner, Natural Habitat Adventures has unveiled an incredible opportunity to explore one of the most remote places on the planet, the Arctic wilderness of East Greenland!

Take in the beautiful views of the Arctic

With Natural Habitat Adventures, you can take the opportunity to venture far off the beaten track and set up camp on the edge of Greenland’s ice sheet. Many associate this part of the world with frigid winds and snow galore. However, East Greenland completely transforms in the summer months, boasting an array of wildflowers and active wildlife taking advantage of the warmer months. Pluck wild blueberries and scan the horizons for whales feeding off shore; hike along the granite peaks and kayak the fjords that are revealed when the snow and ice retreats.

Base Camp

Natural Habitat’s Base Camp Greenland is an incredible expedition lodge that expertly blends creature comforts and ecological mindfulness. Nestled by the Sermilik Fjord and completely isolated, this beautiful lodge provides expansive views of glittering icebergs and access to this truly remote wonder of our world. Accommodating only 12 guests at a time, the experience is truly intimate with unique and personalized attention from expert guides.

Don’t worry about the food! Despite being located in a truly remote place the executive chef provides exquisite meals. And, when you aren’t off wandering the wilderness, you can fill your time with informative lectures on the ecosystem and history of the region from your expert guide.

Scan the horizons and spot a feeding whale!

Before arriving to base camp you will spend three nights in Tasiilaq, the capital of East Greenland. Most people never visit this remote capital and this gives you a chance to experience a truly unique culture. Meet some of the locals and experience their traditions and learn about their history on a visit to the town’s museum. You will then be transported to base camp by helicopter and take in the incredible aerial views.

To learn more about this incredible adventure, email David at [email protected]

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