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The 7 Beaches of Caneel Bay

Sometimes, a hotel can have a complex or quirky layout: maybe there are multiple pools, rooms are spread out into different groupings, or some areas are designated for adults only. The Four Seasons Hualalai is a prime example and we put in a lot of effort to understand the personalities or each crescent at that resort. This might require a bit more thinking and strategy in the early stages of your trip planning, but these quirks and unique personalities that lead us to fall in love with the resort in the end!

Caneel Bay on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands is another perfect example. When you plan your stay at Caneel Bay (and you really should be planning to go!), it helps if you can take some time up front to understand how the resort is organized and give us some feedback on what room location you think you will like best. The resorts different room categories are scattered throughout the resort and location can’t always be guaranteed. But, it helps us to know what catches your eye and interests you so we can make sure the resort staff is also clued in. And, for you, it always helps to know what you’re getting into before you go so you don’t waste time learning your way around and figuring out where things are.

The real highlight at Caneel Bay is the SEVEN different beaches. How convenient – there’s one for each day of the week!

  1. Caneel Beach
  2. Little Caneel Beach
  3. Paradise Beach
  4. Scott Beach
  5. Turtle Bay Beach
  6. Hawksnest Beach
  7. Honeymoon Beach

How can you possibly pick a favorite? Luckily, we have some pointers:

Do you like to be at the center of it all and be conveniently located to the bar/restaurant? Is the beach just not the same without all of the toys like snorkels and paddle boards? If you answer yes, pick Caneel Beach as home base. This is the main beach; it is centrally located near reception and it boasts the most number of chairs, a swimming platform, and all the non-notarized water sports you need. This is also the most family-friendly beach.

Are you looking for privacy and convenience? Do you love a good marina view so you can watch the sailboats coming and going all day long? If yes, then Little Caneel is the best beach for you. It lives up to its name and the sand is very narrow, so this isn’t a good pick if you want to spread out on a nice wide beach. But, you have the advantage of privacy while still being close enough to walk to the restaurant and reception. Little Caneel beach is also a good option if you are traveling with older kids; the rooms are not directly connecting, but they can be set up to share an outdoor courtyard and the smaller beach is good if the kids are noisy, splashy swimmers.

Scott Beach is for adults only and the rooms on this beach are the most requested by our clients. The wide bay with gentle waters is often home to rays, turtles and other ocean wildlife making Scott beach the perfect spot for a morning snorkel! The beach now also boasts a new beach bar with a food menu for lunch and snacks, making it even easier to set up camp and hang out on the beach all day long! All of the rooms on Scott Beach are premium ocean view rooms.

Paradise Beach is best for couples on romantic getaways; it is tucked away and very private with lots of trees making this location feel very protected. But, if you get lonely and want to socialize, Paradise Beach is only a short walk over to Scott beach and the new beach bar.

Located furthest from the main reception building, Turtle Bay Beach is the most remote in feel, but the views of the nearby island of Jost Van Dyke are the real pay off! Plus, this beach is not as remote as it feels. It is near the Estate House which features afternoon tea and a lovely dinner menu.

Turtle Bay Beach at Caneel Bay

The only North-facing beach on property is Hawksnest Beach which offers beautiful sunrises and a slightly different feel than the other beaches. This was my favorite relaxation spot on the island. The sandy beach can be a bit narrow, but it has nice shade trees and the rocks around the bay are a great snorkeling spot.

Honeymoon Beach is technically not on hotel property, but great for a hike and a swim. It is located a 10-minute walk beyond Little Caneel beach. Here you can find a water sports outfitter to rent kayaks and sign up for guided tours. Honeymoon Beach also has a trail head for a much more advanced hiking experience.

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