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Destination Spotlight: Greece

Greece has long been a destination worth visiting, but in recent years its popularity has boomed. The increased interest has made it imperative for travelers to approach their trip planning to Greece in advance. This is where trusted travel advisor comes in, ensuring clients are able to secure rooms with highly sought out views in Santorini, explore lesser known islands to avoid crowds and navigate island hopping so their trip is seamless and stress free. Ourisman Travel has expansive knowledge about the ins and outs of planning a trip to Greece and with our strong partnership with Eclectic Greece, an on the ground tour operator, we are an excellent resource for Greece travel!

Our Sales Leader, Iana (who is our resident Tailored Luxury Specialist) recently had the pleasure of traveling with Eclectic Greece and spent time in Athens, Naxos and Santorini. She came back with a few top takeaways that are important to consider for anyone planning a trip to Greece!

Her first stop was in Athens, where she was hosted at the lovely Four Seasons Astir Palace Athens. After arriving and going to bed early to get on Greek time, she was ready to explore one of the oldest cities in Europe! The first stop, was of course, the Acropolis. This ancient site is a must for anyone with an interest in ancient Greek history and culture. Near the Acropolis is the Museum, which houses artifacts out in the Acropolis and offers a deeper understanding of this once holy site and all it has withstood over time. A walking food tour of Athens was up next, which as much needed after working up an appetite climbing the many stairs to reach the Acropolis. Pairing these experiences together presented a lovely juxtaposition between the ancient history of Athens and how it has become a bustling, modern city with interesting food at sites.

After Athens, the itinerary took Iana to Naxos, where she stayed at the Naxian Collection. Naxos is a lesser known island in the Mediterranean making it far less crowded that other island options. The island is quaint and homey with a mountainous landscape and littered with small, whitewashed villages that are built in on themselves and feature winding paths leading to picturesque storefronts and homes. A highlight in Naxos is definitely the food, particularly the potatoes, of which its people are very proud. Naxos also offers travelers a wonderful beach similar to those one would find in a Caribbean destination. While the beaches here are definitely European in some aspects they are not as crowded as those in Mykonos which is a plus!

The trip ended with a visit to Santorini, which no Greek itinerary should be without. Santorini is home to the blue domed cathedrals and breathtaking views that are so often associated with Greece. Here, Iana stayed at the Andronis Boutique Hotel, whose views did not disappoint! While the popularity of the island has caused for large crowds of travelers vying for the perfect sunset picture, there are ways to take in the island and avoid the crowds. The best way to do this is aboard a private catamaran, where you can soak in the sun and enjoy the views without the overwhelming crowds.

There are many ways to approach planning a trip to Greece and at Ourisman Travel we highly recommend our Tailored Luxury program. This allows our clients to take advantage of our relationship with Eclectic Greece and the insider knowledge that will help them maximize their time and personalize their visit to include the must dos like the Acropolis or a Santorini sunset alongside lesser known options, like Naxos. To find out more about how we approach travel planning please reach out to [email protected] or submit a travel request form!

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