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We pride ourselves on being different, offering a one-of-a-kind approach to the travel industry. Whether you’re seeking a simple luxurious hotel stay or a once-in-a-lifetime trip, we’ve got you covered. Our services are tailor-made to suit your needs, whether you prefer a DIY experience, a more personalized touch, or a fully curated itinerary. Say goodbye to limiting services and hello to the ultimate in possibilities with Ourisman Travel.

An Overview Of Our Services

Hotel Only 

When you already have a hotel in mind where you would like us to secure your reservation, this request falls under our Hotel Only service which does not require an upfront booking fee.

Hotel Plus

If you require further assistance, such as additional consultation on one or more destination(s) or concierge assistance, this request falls under our
Hotel Plus service.

Tailored Luxury

Our top-tier service level, Tailored Luxury is designed for trips that require a fully curated itinerary including airfare, hotel reservations, transfers, and excursions.

Hotel Only

Are you an independent traveler who craves the thrill of researching luxury hotels? We get it, we share the same passion! Our services are tailored for independent travelers like you. Book directly with us and enjoy complimentary value-added amenities and exclusive VIP treatment by utilizing our Hotel Only service.

No Booking Fees

In our industry, we are unique in that we do not charge booking fees for Hotel-Only requests. When you already have a hotel in mind where you would like us to secure your reservation, this request falls under our Hotel Only service which does not require a booking fee. This service level is perfect for those familiar with our “Ready to Book” requests and other straightforward hotel inquiries.

*Please visit our booking policies to learn more about our professional fees.

Exclusive Benefits

Quick and easy, Hotel Only provides the value-added amenities our clients love and our signature VIP letter that adds extra personalization to your stay. Two weeks before your trip, we personally reach out to our hotel partners to ensure that all your booking details and preferences are communicated effectively.

  • Mornings that start with a complimentary breakfast
  • Complimentary priority room upgrade
  • 100+ USD credit towards your incidentals
  • Prioritized early check-in / late check-out

“Ready to Book”

With our “ready to book” process, your hotel reservation is just one simple click away! A “RTB” inquiry should include the following information so that we can ensure you receive your reservation confirmation in no time. For example:

  • Four Seasons Hualalai
  • 13NOV-7NT, departing 20NOV
  • Oceanfront Room, king bed
  • I’m seeing 1,549 USD/night on the hotel website
  • 2 adults / 1 child – Myself, my spouse Nicole, and our son Jackson (3 years old)
  • If all matches up, please book on my AMEX ending in 0000!

If you require further assistance, such as additional consultation on one or more destination(s), this request is best suited for our Hotel Plus service.

Book Online Through Virtuoso

When you check-in, you’re a VIP with the hotel simply because you’ve booked with Ourisman Travel. Now, you can get instant gratification from booking online and you’ll be an instant VIP. Unlock exclusive amenities at your fingertips with just a simple click. The Virtuoso Booking Tool gives you the ease and convenience of online booking – plus the value, amenities, and VIP treatment we know you love. You book, we VIP!

Once you’ve booked, you will receive a confirmation email. We will also receive a notification, send you a formal confirmation letter, and discuss any notes or preferences for your trip.

NOTE: While Virtuoso is known for its exclusive amenities, certain hotel programs like Four Seasons Preferred Partner offer even better benefits and value. Please reach out to us directly if you’re unable to view rates or book online.

To learn more, we have posted additional details about how to get the most out of this tool.

Hotel Plus

Upgrade your travel experience with Hotel Plus! Designed to enhance your experience,  Hotel Plus offers our clients a more comprehensive range of services. Whether you’re seeking expert advice to find the perfect destination or hotel for your trip or require assistance with concierge requests, Hotel Plus has got you covered.

*Please visit our booking policies to learn more about our professional fees.

Here is a breakdown of how we can assist with your trips utilizing our Hotel Plus service:

Hotel Consultation 

$200 Consultation Fee (per destination)

With over 15 years of experience in the luxury travel industry, our team is ready to help you find your desired destination or hotel. We offer personalized consultation taking into consideration your budget, occupancy, travel style, and expectations. Let us hand-pick potential destinations or hotels that perfectly match your needs, and show you why they are the best fit for your dream trip.

Concierge Assistance

$200 Concierge Assistance Fee (per hotel)

Are you feeling overwhelmed with managing all your concierge requests? Our Hotel Plus Concierge Assistance service provides additional support by helping you secure dining reservations, spa appointments, and everything in between. Let our expert team take the hassle out of communicating with hotel concierge teams. We’ll make sure your requests are responded to and confirmed in a timely manner, so you can focus on what you want to do, instead of worrying about how and when it’s going to happen.

Cruise Management

$400 Cruise Consultation and Management Fee

Booking a cruise can be difficult to handle on your own, even for experienced cruisers. Navigating the complexities of cruise fares can be daunting, but we’re here to assist you in unraveling the intricacies. In addition to our knowledge, close partnerships with the top luxury cruise lines, and planning skills, you will also receive Virtuoso Voyage benefits on many cruise itineraries.

Once we’ve pinpointed the ideal itinerary for you, we’ll take care of every aspect of your booking process, from securing the deposit to handling the final payment. With the current extended hold times for cruise lines, our service spares you the inconvenience of waiting on hold. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned in this business, it’s that trip management is often a much more significant part of a trip than the planning itself.

If you have already selected the cruise line and have a general idea of your destination and travel dates, fees may be reduced.

Your Benefits

Say goodbye to endless hours of planning and hello to the ultimate relaxation with our Hotel Plus program. Let our team of professionals handle all the intricate details while you simply focus on your dream trip. Leave your travel worries behind and embrace a new way of traveling with Hotel Plus.

Benefits Include:
Personalized consultation
Hand-picked hotels
Assistance and support with hotel concierge requests
Complimentary, value-added amenities included in Hotel Only

If you require further assistance, such as a customized travel itinerary, this request is best suited for our Tailored Luxury service.

Tailored Luxury

“Embark on a Journey That is Tailor-Made”

We’re not just your average travel agent – we’re your trusted travel advisor, ready to guide you through the world of travel with the same expertise as your financial advisor or legal counsel. Except let’s be honest, our industry is way more fun!

Imagine a world where planning your trip is stress-free. Let us handle all the details for you. Just share your travel dreams and we’ll make them a reality. Say goodbye to the stress and let us handle everything for you.

*Please visit our booking policies to learn more about our professional fees.

Phase 1: Consultation 


Each Tailored Luxury trip begins with a complimentary consultative call where we learn more about your goals and vision for your trip. We’ll ask you questions about the types of adventure you’re looking for, what you want to take away from the trip, and define a desired budget. The more we know about you, the more personalization we can add to your ultimate itinerary.

If we both feel our Tailored Luxury service is a mutual fit, we will move forward to the “Design” phase.

Phase 2: Itinerary Design 

$400 one-time fee

Your itinerary can be as detailed or as flexible as you want it to be. We can provide guidance for when it makes more sense for us to arrange a private experience or allocate some time for independent exploration. We’ll help you with:

Accommodations – we’ll help you pick the best hotels tailored to your preferences… or maybe a residential villa, private yacht, or tented camp is more up your alley?
Planes, trains, ferries, and automobiles – we’ll help you get there and get around – either in style or in budget.
Activities and tours – we’ll match your interests with your destination – a homemade pasta cooking class with a local chef in their home, a private after-hours tour of the Vatican Museums, or exploring Lake Como from your vintage 1980 Alfa Romeo… you name it and we’ll find the best and most exclusive experience for you.
The final touches – we’ll help with everything from a packing list, restaurant suggestions, and a tipping guide so that you’re well prepared ahead of departure.

This phase begins with a one-time $400 trip design fee. Not only does this fee cover our time and expertise, but it also includes up to 3 itinerary revisions, ensuring your itinerary fulfills your every desire.

Phase 3: Ready to Book

20% NET fee

For direct hotel bookings, our compensation is already built into the commissionable rate and is paid to us by the hotel. In contrast, for custom itineraries through Tailored Luxury, we pass on NET pricing which is the negotiated, unpublished cost. Because of this, once you’re ready to book, we charge our commission separately at 20% of the total NET cost of the itinerary. While our pricing is certainly a reflection of our expertise since 2006, we also believe our pricing model allows for transparency and mutual trust.

But hold onto your (first class) seat, because this level of luxury doesn’t come cheap, as the cost of experiential luxury travel has increased dramatically. For a bespoke itinerary at 5-star hotels that includes private touring and transportation, our clients should anticipate spending a minimum of $25,000 for a Tailored Luxury trip. Also keep in mind that the number of travelers, number of rooms, and length of stay all impact the final price of any trip!

Pro-tip: While you’re “shopping” for a travel advisor, typically, many will include their compensation in the total trip cost without a breakdown of how much they are “charging”. Through our unique pricing model, you know exactly who your money is going to and how much. We believe transparency builds trust and is the foundation of a mutually beneficial client/advisor relationship.

You Define Success

Are you one of those people who find planning a trip just as exciting as actually going on it? Well, we understand your love for the thrill of researching and organizing every detail. But what if we told you that we can make the planning process even more enjoyable for you?

Gone are the days of endlessly scrolling through countless search results. Our secret? By understanding your travel style, we’re able to recommend and design a curated luxury itinerary that is completely custom to each of our client’s unique trip goals. Anything from your favorite wine, preferred method of travel, and knowing exactly when to set aside leisure time in your itinerary for “nap time” (for you or your kids)! It is these little details that allow us to present you with a fully curated itinerary.

Exceptional Partnerships 

Aside from our destination knowledge, we also have great confidence in our partnerships with destination specialists and onsite tour operators around the world. We aspire to learn all we can about our vendors and their services so that we can connect your itinerary with the best partner and deliver a dependable and quality itinerary on every trip.

Most importantly, we only collaborate with local experts who are available 24/7 in the country you’re visiting. This means you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be taken care of every step of the way while traveling. Say goodbye to stress and hello to a seamless and unforgettable travel experience.

Because of our exclusive partnerships, we’re able to provide you with the utmost VIP experience. Ready for a challenge and backed with an incredible knowledge base from our strong relationships all over the world, we take you behind the red tape into a world of exclusivity, infused with surprises and lifelong memories.

A Collaborate Approach 

We enhance your journey by conveying your preferences and details to our vendors and collaborating with our partners to sprinkle a touch of extra magic throughout your trip.

Exclusive Amenities: Through our exclusive partnerships with luxury hotels and specialty travel partners around the world, we’re able to offer our clients exceptional value-added amenities and VIP experiences during their trips.

Access and Status: As a client of ours, you can feel confident that our name and reputation are working behind the scenes for you. Our competitive advantage exceeds the power of the internet and AI-generated travel itineraries.

Exceptional Support: With our “little black book” of exclusive contacts, you’ll be prioritized throughout your entire trip, opening doors to unforgettable experiences that are simply unattainable on your own.

Valued Partnerships: With our “little black book” of exclusive contacts, you’ll be prioritized throughout your entire trip, opening doors to unforgettable experiences that are simply unattainable on your own.

Ready to Start?

Whether you desire a hands-on experience, a personalized touch, or a meticulously crafted itinerary, we have you covered. Ready to embark on your journey? Get started by filling out a Travel Request Form today and let us tailor an experience just for you. We can’t wait to assist you in planning and adding value-added amenities to your next stay!

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