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Meet the Connector – David Ourisman

For David Ourisman, travel is all about connecting with a culture while simultaneously connecting with the important people in his life. As a Connector, immersing himself in a culture alongside his wife, children and friends is what provides him with wonderful memories.

“Connected travel is a lot more fun for me than solo travel”

While abroad David finds that connecting with nature especially nurturing. Although he enjoys bonding with his travel companions, he also values solitary moments. For David waking up early and taking in the sunrise of a new and beautiful place is not only rejuvenating but also incredibly valuable. “Ever wonder why there are more sunset pictures than sunrise pictures?” he asks.

Finding packing to be the most tedious part of any trip, David has devised a system to ensure that he does not reach his destination sans sunscreen. Before pulling out his suitcase, he grabs his laminated packing list, finding that this helps him pack much more efficiently. Top items on his list: comfortable shoes, a visor to keep the sun out of his eyes, and his photographic equipment. Rarely using the camera on his iPhone, he brings either his Canon 6D or Ricoh GR to capture the sights.

David using his trusty camera in Bhutan

Like any connector, David is happy to go anywhere that offers beautiful scenery, picturesque towns, an interesting culture, great food and friendly people. For him, travel is all about improvisation within a structure. “Any well structured and sensible itinerary will provide time to wander and explore wherever my fancy takes me.”

Bucket list destinations for David? He will be heading to Scotland in October. The Maldives and Vietnam top his ultimate travel wish list.

Advice for Connectors from a Connector: “Connectors often find that technology keeps us too “connected” with our busy lives back home. It’s hard to resist the temptation to check email and catch up with work. The good news is that most technology comes with an on/off switch.”

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Receiving the Griffin Award at Brownell Academy in 2019

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