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Pro Tip: Hotel Reservation Takeovers

While we always advise our clients to reach out to us to handle their hotel reservations, there are times when it makes more sense to book on your own. Perhaps you are browsing hotels as you unwind from your day and you find a great rate you want to secure, or the hotel you want to book doesn’t allow for reservations to be placed through the Virtuoso Booking Tool and our offices are closed. But just because you booked direct doesn’t mean you lose access to our support and amenities. Through a process called a Hotel Reservation Takeover, our team can – you guessed it – takeover the hotel reservation and apply our amenities and support your booking from that point on!

What is a takeover?
A takeover is when a travel advisor reaches out to a hotel to attach themselves to a client’s pre-existing reservation made directly with the hotel. It is a straightforward process that includes our team contacting the hotel on behalf of the client. However, we do need client approval and a forwarded confirmation before we can attach ourselves to a booking. Our team shares the following language with our clients when they want us to takeover a reservation they made on their own:

“I approve Ourisman Travel to takeover over my reservation below so that I may receive their amenities.”

What is the benefit of having Ourisman Travel attached to my hotel reservations?
Our involvement with your hotel bookings adds an extra layer of support to your reservation, along with the great access to exclusive amenities we are happy to share with our clients!

  • Complimentary breakfast daily for two
  • 100 USD in resort credit to apply towards incidentals
  • Complimentary room upgrade, based on availability
  • Early check-in / late check-out, based on availability

Hotels view reservations in tiers, with bookings made through Expedia or other online wholesalers at the very bottom, bookings made direct with the hotel lie in the middle, and bookings made with travel advisors at the top. By working with us, your booking is automatically at the top of a hotel’s internal reservation list as a VIP. Our team has personal relationships with hotel managers, sales and marketing reps, and other high-level personnel that helps us add a personal touch to your stays and elevate your reservation by using those connections to advocate for upgrades and more.

When can a takeover be applied?
Generally, takeovers can be applied to direct bookings through the hotel booked at the Best Available Rate with the most flexible cancelation policy. Some promotional rates, such as free night promos, may also apply. The takeover process can be applied to hotels and, in some cases, cruises.

When can a takeover not be applied?
A takeover cannot be applied to stays booked on points or rates booked through third-party booking sites such as Expedia, Orbitz, or Priceline. Takeovers are always at the discretion of the hotel, so there are some situations where they can be denied, but those are rare.

When to contact Ourisman Travel about a takeover?
Always contact Team O as soon as you make a reservation! We will be able to loop in our partners right away and will support your booking as soon as we have taken it over, taking it off of your plate and leaving the rest to the professionals!

For more questions about how the takeover process works or to get started planning a new trip, reach out to the team via email at [email protected] or fill out a Travel Request Form!

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