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Find Romance in Vienna

Vienna has so much to offer these days and romance is definitely one of them. With Vienna as the  destination, the hardest decision love birds will have to make will be which hotel to stay in; there are so many new suites to choose from!

Some Suite Options Include:

Once the accommodation is settled, it is time to be charmed by this elegant city. While many will be tempted to spend the whole trip in the hotel room (there’s nothing wrong with that!), the city will be sure to lure you out for a few excursions. Couples will be enveloped in a gilded dream world filled with music, art, palaces, and beautiful gardens. Romance just oozes from every corner of this city!

Top 5 Romantic Activities in Vienna:

  1. Imagine living in the Hapsburg’s summer palace, Schönbrunn. Be sure to make time to stroll through the beautifully manicured gardens.
  2. Cuddle up under the twinkle lights and take in the city’s skyline of palaces, church steeples and a few modern high-rises from Atmosphere, The Ritz-Carltons’ fabulous rooftop terrace lounge.
  3. Austrian wines are pretty unknown to Americans because most of it is kept within the country and not exported. But, there is an amazing network of vineyards to discover just outside of Vienna. Take a day trip and enjoy a picnic amongst the vines; maybe even buy a bottle or two to drink on your anniversary.
  4. Take a day or an evening to cruise the famous Blue Danube river. Sit back and enjoy the slower pace while you float by picturesque villages.
  5. Who doesn’t love a chance to put on some glitz and glamour and enjoy a night on the town? Get all dolled up and head to the opera, a classic Viennese activity.

I recommend a stay of at least 4 nights in order to fully experience everything the city has to offer, but I think I could spend over a week and still not be bored!

Contact us if you are looking for new ideas for your next romantic getaway!

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